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Just a thought I had
Dead Space 2. A game I was so excited and enthralled with when I started it. How did I come from loving it so much to finding it a bit boring? The Ishimura chapter did little to add to my excitement for the game. A little before that part of the game led to a downhill slope. I'd rather have a game with one less chapter and better pacing than a game with one more chapter that's tacked on to increase the length of the game and have a neat but not too immersing throwback to the first game. It felt like they recycled levels because they ran out of ideas. That's lame.

It's a great game though, but my wanting to play it has diminished quite a bit. I haven't touched it since Thursday, opting instead to play A Kingdom for Keflings and Piball FX2. Keflings is great fun though, nice game to unwind and relax, while PFX2 is just pinball mania. I forgot how fond I was of pinball (I especially love beating my scores. I got like 30 mill on Spider-Man today and I was stoked).

Which reminds me how I want to get motivated again this week. Might turn into another lazy week, but hell, I want to do it this time. Laziness might eat me alive again though.


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