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I'm so bored.
I've just been so bored lately. I hurt my wrist I guess helping clean the house and overdoing myself. Maybe also cause I'm on the computer 24/7. I don't know, but life fucking sucks right now, and I'm not doing anything about it. But I'm almost done slogging through the mud, I'm almost there, but not quite. And I can almost taste it.

I can't fucking wait to go back to school, and also to move out of this house. By leaving this chapter of my life behind, I can start a new one. A much more exciting one, that is. This might just be the kick in the pants I need to be revitalized. I miss being busy. Being unemployed and sitting around the house all day fucking blows, and I'm glad I'm almost out of this bullshit. Can't fucking wait.

Also hope this fucking hand gets better soon like the doctor said. Typing this certainly isn't helping, but I'm bored stiff sitting here thinking about being bored stiff. I guess I should relax or something, but I can't. Too fucking bored to do it. And I'm just too excited for the future.

It couldn't come soon enough.


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